Canning for the fair

2 Sept 2013

This year I decided to do some canning for the fair. I was ambitious and decided to enter the max that the Evergreen State Fair would let me enter. So over the course of two weeks I canned 24 things. Lucky for me, and my kids,  I was able to double dip on four things because I grew what I canned.  I dropped my canned goods off on August 19th at the fair. The process was fairly easy seeing as I entered everything online. On August 24th I went to the fair to see how I did. I was so nervous, which was silly because I really had no expectations seeing as it was my first time entering.

Copy of IMG_7497

I was only able to find 20 of my 24 that day. But I was pretty impressed that I saw 17 blues, 1 red and 2 thanks for entering (totally my fault, I forgot to attach the recipe on one and messed the label up on the other). I handed myself a pat on the back and awarded myself with a elephant ear.

Today was the day that I got to pick up my jars and get the final tally of ribbons. I received, 21 blue ribbons, 1 red ribbon and 2 participation awards I also got 5 special merit awards, and 2 best presentations. One of the best presentations was for blueberry pie filling, which was my first time making, let alone canning. From what I understand pie filling is really hard to get the correct head space on. I managed to get two jars of pie filling blue ribbons. Not bad for the first go around.   Needless to say, I think that is going to be a yearly goal for me entering the fair. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Now I need to come up with other things to can for next year!


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