Canning books

13 Aug 2013

So I have been spending a lot of time the past two weeks canning food to enter in the Evergreen State Fair. In that time I have purchased three different book. I love them all. They all have a ton of information and great recipes. “So Easy To Preserve” is brought to you by the University of Georgia. It looks like the USDA works with the University of Georgia to test recipes for canning. This is a great book for just starting out.


The second book is “Ball Complete Book of Home Preservation.” Not only does it have great recipes, but it also has great pictures. This book probably has the best variety of recipes out of all three.


Last but not least “The Joy of Pickling”  by Linda Ziedrich. I did not realize how many different thing you could pickle. If you like pickled food this book is defiantly for you. My family loves pickles, so this book will get some good miles out of it.


As soon as all my jars are all checked in at the fair I will be posting pictures and how to’s on some of the foods I entered.

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