About a week ago I had purchased 40lb of ground beef from a company called Zaycon. If you have never heard of Zaycon and have freezer space you should check them out. They also sell bacon, fruit, milk, hot dogs, and salmon just to name a few. They are  based in Washington State. I was hesitant to purchase from them, one because it is in bulk, and two because it is getting meat out of the back of a truck in a church parking lot. I know seems kind of fishy right. I can not even begin to tell you how good it is. Their beef is grass fed, hormone free,  USA grown, LFTB (pink slim) free, no chemicals, or water in added during the processing goodness. I spent about $3.50 a pound and it is well worth it.


The only thing I did not like, is that my foodsaver crapped out on me about ten pounds into repacking. So I had to pack up and go to my aunt house to finish the job.


We had originally purchased 40lbs of boneless skinless  chicken breast. There is no hormones,  or additives and has never been frozen. It is $73.60 for the 40lbs ($1.84 a pound) which is and extremely good price for the product that you are getting. So if you are up to the task of packing and freezing, I strongly recommend checking Zaycon out. They are taking orders on their chicken right now for October delivery.  If 40lbs is to much for your freezer, go in with a friend, it really is good quality and a great price.


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